BeTa Union

About us

Enterprise for Engineering, Trade and Services, BeTa Union Ltd. was founded in 2006, as the result of many years of experience as managers, as well as of their conapartmentt desire to professionally improve themselves and reach the highest apartmentdards

BeTa Union

The primary focus of the enterprise are engineering works, which has influenced the enterprise to strategically approach negotiating, planning, designing and cooperative conduct of all subjects during performance of constructions, electric and machining works included in construction and reconstruction of several development projects in Belgrade and in the region.

With the support by our regular cooperators, we have quickly become recognizable for our exceptional organisational skill to realize delicate projects in a short period of time and in a flexible and high quality manner, which made our investors trust us.

AAA Certificate of Credit Worthiness. This business entity fulfilled all criteria for credit worthiness in 2020 and belongs among the exclusive economic societies in Serbia that have been authorized to use the AAA status as the symbol of credit worthiness.

Since the establishment of the BeTa Union enterprise, there has been a tendency of incredible growth in all the business segments, in size, significance and value of development projects which we have built. We can successfully deal with any business challenge.

Buisness Activity:
  • Engineering
  • Negotiation
  • planning
  • Designing
  • Constructions, Electric & Machining works
  • Construction & Reconstruction